"Cheer has been such an amazing experience for my daughter. It has given her so much confidence and happiness. She had severe anxiety when she was younger and LAX has helped her in so many ways. The new friends she has made are absolutely wonderful. You certainly attract a great group of girls and families! I was showing an old friend a recent video of G Force and she was in shock to see her happily performing in front of a crowd. She reminded me of when my daughter was younger and the kids had to go up on stage to accept their soccer participation trophy and she wouldn't go on stage and cried instead. My daughter has come a long way and I really think that can be attributed to your coaching (and the other coaches too!). You are probably the only Cheer Coach / School Psychologist around and we were very fortunate to find you." - Lynn, LAX Parent

"My daughter is absolutely loving LAX and is so happy with everything. The coaches, the girls, the routines and practices ... Everything!!! She honestly looks forward to both practices every week! Can't thank you enough." Lori, LAX Parent

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“I wanted to thank you and the rest of the coaches. The girls did so good today. I am so proud of them. But most of all I saw a smile on [my daughter's] face today that I haven't seen before. She was proud of herself and her team and felt like she belonged. I cannot thank you enough for that. I look forward to many years of her growing as a cheerleader with you guys.” Jessianne, BH parent