Beverly Hills Cheerleading - REGISTRATION for the 2019-2020 season will open in the summer



 The Beverly Hills Cheerleading program, which is run by Cheer 4 U  Athletics, has been consistently providing boys and girls in  Kindergarten through 8th  grade the opportunity to be a part of the fastest growing sport for the  past 10 years.  Under the direction of Joana Trocan-Garrett, this  program has earned numerous awards, including National titles, and is  recognized as one of the top All Star Prep Cheerleading programs in  Southern California.  The program consists of three different teams  which cater to both beginner and advanced athletes.  No experience is  necessary to join.  Teams are divided based on age and transition  appropriately with regards to skill progression.  All coaches are USASF  Safety certified. 


 This team provides those interested in cheerleading with the opportunity  to develop the fundamental skills that are involved in the sport of  cheerleading.  This includes learning dance choreography, basic  gymnastics skills, jumps and stunts.  Participants will learn a  cheerleading routine and attend two local competitions.  This is a great  option for those interested in cheerleading without the time and  financial commitment that is involved with the year-long program.  Fall  and Spring sessions are available.  No experience necessary.  


 This team provides those with prior cheerleading or gymnastics  experience the opportunity to compete at a higher and more competitive  level.  This team is organized by skill level rather than age.  Anyone  registering MUST have a strong back walkover, as they will be expected  to be physically ready to progress towards backhandsprings.  They must  also have at least one year of cheerleading experience.  Participants  will have the opportunity to learn a Level 2 cheerleading routine and  attend local and regional competitions throughout the year.  Should they  qualify; the team will attend the JAMZ Cheer and Dance Nationals in Las  Vegas.  Season runs September 2019 thru April 2020. 


Registration for the 2019-2020 season will OPEN in the summer!

Registration information will be made available in the City of BH Fall brochure!