Venice HS Spirit Program

Cheerleading and Dance


Thank you to everyone that tried out for the 2017-2018 Spirit Program. 

Please READ THE INFORMATION BELOW CAREFULLY to make sure that you understand the next steps.

Congratulations to everyone  who has made it this far.  We had 96 students inquire about the  program, 80 submit applications and 75 try out.  Following tryouts we  have narrowed it down to 64 and by Monday we will finalize all rosters  to include 56 athletes.  The Spirit Program at Venice High School has  one of the most rigorous tryout processes and we want each and every one  of you to feel very proud of your commitment and follow through.   Representing Venice High School as a cheerleader or dancer is something  we take very seriously.   This is why making the team encompasses more  than just talent.  We are looking for students who can commit to the  program while maintaining a high GPA and present as model students in  and out of the classroom.  Being a part of this program is a privilege  and not a right.     
Varsity Cheer and Varsity  Dance rosters are listed below.  The Junior Varsity roster is also  listed; however, it is not complete at this time.  We will be having CALL BACKS for JV Cheer and Dance on MONDAY May 8, 2017 from 3:15-4:00PM in the East Gym Dance Studio.   Following Friday’s tryouts the judges ranked the top 20 to create the  JV roster.  However, after a review of applications and grades only 11  of those 20 were fully eligible.  Since we would like to have our JV  team comprise of 20 members, we have decided to call back both student’s  with pending GPAs as well as some students who had been originally  ranked next in line below the top 20 and give them an opportunity to  secure a spot for themselves in the event that members with pending GPAs  become ineligible.  To clarify, we are asking that everyone whose name  is listed under CALL BACK come back for a second tryout.  Please be  dressed as you were on Friday and be prepared that you will be asked to  perform the cheer and dance in small groups again.  I encourage you all  to practice between now and then.  Some of the names on that list were  originally cut thus this is your second change to try and earn a spot on  the team.  If your name is listed under the JV roster you DO NOT HAVE  to come back.  We will see you at the meeting. ONLY those whose names  are under the CALL BACK list need to come back for a second tryout.  We  will announce our updated JV Roster on Monday prior to the  Athlete/Parent Meeting.  Since not everyone on the call back list will  make the final JV roster, parents of students on the call back list do  not have to attend the meeting.   Students from the call back list who  make the team on Monday will stay to get program packets and we will be  having a follow up meeting for their parents at a later date.       

IF your name is NOT ON ANY  LIST BELOW we regret to inform you that we do not have a spot for you on  one of our teams for the upcoming season.  We hope that you keep  practicing and try out again next year.  If you would like further  feedback as to the reason for not making the team, please email Mrs.  Trocan-Garrett to schedule an appointment to review your score sheets.

** 4:00-5:00PM **
East Gym Dance Studio

If you have any questions OR if your parent is unable to attend please contact  Mrs. Trocan-Garrett at 310-577-4256 OR




 Varsity Dance
Maggie Sanchez
Alyssa Soto
Leahnora Castillo
Mya Edwards
Marilyn Castro
Sofia Sanchez Annibali
Mariana Salinas
Ariel Reyes
Citlali Gutierrez
Mireya Sanchez Annibali
Melanie Canjua
Arshia Smith
Jeanny Hernandez
Michelle Santana


 Varsity Cheer
Samantha Sotelo
Madeline Argueta
Sergio Garcia
Adamarys Abad
Rebecca Halfacre
Kaitlyn Reyes
Vara Meephettarn
Kelly Lopez
Athena Koon
Zoe Hernandez
Monica Ocampo
Genine Chavez
Alexis Martinez
Lorena Alvarado
Sofia Canales
Haley Girouard
Audren Harris
Ava Harris
Genevie Guillen
Zoe Barba
**Pending Enrollment**
Chlesea Tyler
Angelique Escobar


 Junior Varsity Cheer & Dance
Sofia Muro
Ali Diaz
Alma Valdez
Dalia Martinez
Teresa Diaz
Melissa Ortega
Nicole Trigueros
Stephanie Dunbar
Ashley Medrano
Angelica Flores
Jocelyn Martinez
**JV Call Backs**
Mariano Asenas
Wendy Barragan
Lesly Alatorre
Maryanna Chavez
Leanna Manjarrez
Jessica Hernandez
Shelby Coleman
Alesha Mored
Leslie Aquino
Karla Alcala
Savanna White
Kassandra Chavez
Dulce Uvillada
Ashly Garcia Rivera
Frances Abad
Ruby Macias